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CommissionCrowd Blog - The Home Of Independent Self-Employed Sales

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CommissionCrowd Blog - The Home Of Independent Self-Employed Sales


Jyssica Schwartz: How Sales Made Me a Better Copywriter

Your image is everything when you're starting a business. You can't hope to sell a product without first finding an audience. And more important than getting yourself known, you'll need to rouse people to take action. There's a reason that copywriting has been referred to as the only essential skill you need to be successful online. Deve…

Alexander HowardAlexander Howard

4 Stupidly Simple Ways To Grow Your Business Now Without Investing

In 2016 everything seems to be changing, everything seems to be moving faster than ever. One thing needs to be made clear, making definitive predictions regarding what will happen over the course of a year is dangerous. With that being said, there's one thing I can guarantee you, the way people think has changed and the way we do busine…

Michael J RingerMichael J Ringer

Company Interview: Crowd Purchasing is Looking For Self Employed Sales Agents

This week we have the pleasure of interviewing another incredibly exciting company that has signed up to hear as soon as the CommissionCrowd sales platform launches. 'Crowd Purchasing’ is the vision of Alex Brown and gives independent caterers, hotels, restaurants and pubs the ability to become part of a large network that can purchase…

Ryan MattockRyan Mattock