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Freelance Sales Opportunity - Blasu Threads: Custom, Top-Quality Apparel - 15% Commission

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Blasu Threads exploded onto the scene two years ago, when two twenty-something entrepreneurs decided to try their hand at designer-quality apparel. Since then their brand has become synonymous with top-quality content and unbeatable customer support. They joined CommissionCrowd looking for effective sales agents to help them expand even further.

Independent sales agents interested in working with Blasu Threads can connect with them here: Apply to work with Blasu Threads.

1. Where did the inspiration for Blasu Threads come from?

Founders Cory Froling and Brittani Su’apa’ia always felt driven by their creativity. They’d tried their hands at all sorts of art mediums before meeting in their early twenties. At that time, Brittani was sewing custom garments and Cory was developing a strength, conditioning, & tumbling program. Neither knew they were molding themselves into young entrepreneurs. A year later, Brittani’s business had piqued the interest of young athletes across the country. She was working with print shops to personalize custom garments when her and Cory realized they could start screen printing of their own.

They bought their first screen printing press in 2014, and the results changed their lives forever. Once they had the ability to supply clients with basic printed t-shirts and promotional products, businesses from around the country began showing interest. Cory’s experience in graphic & logo design helped Brittani create art for her clients, and they developed an efficient system for turning around orders. Before they knew it, Cory and Brittani had a fully-functioning business. In the spirit of Brittani’s custom-sewn garments, they combined her parents’ surnames to form “Blasu”.

2. Tell us a little about your expertise in decorated apparel.

Since Blasu Threads’ inception, we have designed and produced over 1,000 custom projects for businesses, individuals, & organizations across the USA. From simple promotional t-shirts to cut & sewn performance costumes, Blasu has produced quality garments for some of the biggest names in the industry.

3. Can you tell us about some of your past work?

Blasu Threads has produced over 25,000 garments in its three years of operation. From family reunions to dance teams, we specialize in making people’s new favorite shirts.

4. What is your greatest client success story?

Blasu Caps

Back when we were starting out, we established a list of players in our target industry and reached out with our services. Among those we contacted was an organization with the UCLA, and we’ve kept a strong business relationship ever since. In our three years of correspondence, they have ordered custom outfits for each of their members seven times and have driven over ten additional clients to our services.

Another great success came after making custom designs for a couple who both held powerful social media followings. We created art that fit their brands and produced 1,000 shirts in just two weeks. Our products were such a hit that both their websites crashed on the first day of sales!

5. What made you consider working with independent sales agents?

Our experiences have really helped us understand the importance of niche marketing. Sales agents with their own niches can penetrate markets we couldn’t otherwise reach and allow our staff to continue focusing on product quality for our growing list of clients.

We respect the client lists that independent sales reps build for themselves as entrepreneurs. Our company offers products and services that help reps take advantage of those lists. Most companies spend thousands of dollars on promotional products, which means reps will have plenty of opportunities to find their commission.

6. Why would sales agents have an edge selling your products?

Our agents are selling a product that companies already buy each year. They can approach prospects with the confidence that they’re selling an in-demand product with superior customer service. When dealing with a mass order (1000+ units), Blasu Threads is very open to working around a client’s budget and timeline to make the project work. Our sales agents have an edge knowing that they are tailoring products to our clients’ needs.

7. What sets your service apart from the competition?

Our company prides itself with its extremely personalized ordering process. Our designers take the time to build relationships with clients, learn their brand, and see what makes them special. Going past the design process, our products are top of the industry thanks to our vast library of blank garments and cut & sew services. We focus on the details in order to ensure that every customer feels great and turns heads with our products.

8. What are your plans for the future of Blasu Threads?

Blasu Threads has become popular in our target industry, but we’ve traditionally targeted small businesses looking for premium products. We’d like to expand towards corporate companies & nonprofit organizations that can add mass orders of basic products. We plan to build a team of independent sales reps that can grow our client base using companies from their own markets. Our company has grown over 300% every year since launch, and we plan to continue that rate.

9. What are your best-selling services and why?

Screen-printed t-shirts make up a multi-billion dollar industry and have been our best selling products since day one. Even though we offer creative cut & sew designs, they are not necessary for every company. Our simple screen-printed t-shirts have expanded our client base to police and fire departments, hospitals, schools, and more. Due to our personalized sales experience and quality prints, our customers come back for repeat orders time and time again.

10. Have you received any recognition or awards for your products?

Our company works with organizations and businesses to fundraise their brands’ apparel. We help them design unique garments as well as order forms for selling their product. Once the fundraiser is over, we collect their orders and produce their pre-ordered products. While this might not technically be an award, it’s helped others raise thousands of dollars for great causes every year!

Blasu Sweatshirt

11. Describe your typical sales cycle and process.

Lead generation in our business is very simple, as most organizations require clothing throughout the lifetime of their businesses. Finding the right contact for a lead is often the most difficult part. Once we get in touch with the people in charge of ordering promotional products, we can develop a strong personal relationship and find out what their company needs most (and how often they need it). After getting an idea of our clients’ needs, our designers can win them over with our great customer service and product quality. Different elements are added throughout the design process, leading up to the final price. A client’s clothing is then produced once the payment plan has been set.

12. How do you currently bring in new business and win contracts?

Most of Blasu Threads’ new clients come from referrals. We have a lot of repeat customers that love the quality of our products and services. They’re great for spreading the word about our products and attracting new customers. Once customers inquire about our services, they get greeted by our friendly design team and work with their own personal designers to create the perfect package. This style of business wins over 99% of inquiries and creates a strong business relationship that promotes multiple reorders per year!

Independent sales agents interested in working with Blasu Threads can connect with them here: Apply to work with Blasu Threads.