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Commission-Only Sales Opportunities In The Video Production And Animation Industry

Sabian M MuhammadSabian M Muhammad

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Independent Sales Opportunities In The Video Production And Animation Industry

The following are a selection of freelance sales jobs for commission-only, self-employed sales agents in the Animation and video production industry:

DevilBoy Productions - Help Brands Get The Big Company Video Production Experience On a Smaller Budget

DevilBoy are one of the UK's leading independent production companies. Their services include live event filming, videos for corporate marketing and bespoke motion graphics/animation. They deliver

They are searching for independent media sales reps with at least 3 years sales experience to help sell their services to new clients.

With this opportunity, you could help a smaller company get themselves on the map with a top-level production service and earn 30% commission.

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Justin Vin

Justin Vin is a motion video and animation design studio working out of Lithuania. They are currently looking for independent media sales reps to help them expand their offering to clients globally.

The company has monthly turnarounds of €10000 - €30000 a month and offer some amazing visuals.

What's more, they are a socially ethical company who do not work with products such as tobacco, alcohol or lotteries.

Learn More About Justin Vin's Opportunity

Never Miss Out On New Self-Employed Sales Opportunities Within The Animation Industry

With new companies joining CommissionCrowd on a daily basis, you can keep up-to-date with all of the commission-only sales opportunities available for freelance sales agents within the Animation industry here: All Animation Commission-Only Sales Jobs

The frequency of advancements in technology means that animation is now available to the masses where it was once the preserve of the minority. As more animation centric studios are formed and battle for a place in a highly competitive market, many have made room to provide opportunities to commission-only media sales agents to partner with them.

The animation industry is a multi-billion dollar industry whose reach is now extending beyond blockbuster movies and games – 3D movies, 3D printing and augmented reality are just a few areas where the animation industry is pushing change. At CommissionCrowd, we help independent sales representatives be part of that change.

The Challenges Facing The Animation Industry

On the topic of the future of Facebook, CEO Mark Zuckerberg hints that the future is in video and part of this belief includes animation. Zuckerberg was quoted as saying, "The reason we’re excited in this space is the continued progression of people getting richer and richer ways to share what’s on their mind. Ten years ago it was text. Now it’s mostly visual and photos, then primarily video and we’re seeing huge growth there, but that is not the end of the line. Immersive 3D content is the obvious next thing after video." Speaking of such advancements will have seen many animation and design studios scurrying to make progress but the industry is as highly competitive as it is progressive. This is a mere example of where independent sales representatives can become the knights in shining armour.

The outlook for the animation industry is hugely optimistic and also concerning for many studios, even the biggest multi-million pound ones.

According to Digital Vector, the global animation and gaming market is expected to grow from $122.20 billion in 2010 to $242.93 billion by 2016.

Technological advancement is great but it can come at great financial cost and this is no more evident than the emergence of 4K. The higher resolution means more rendering which means more computer space/power is needed which, ultimately, means more money. In effect, if an animation studio was creating a film in 4K it would be likely to lose money before making it which means that many productions would suffer.

Even without the problem of 4K, many studios have had to outsource their work to designers and artists in Asia in order to cut costs and make savings.

Whilst independent media sales representatives may not have direct solutions to some of the industry's challenges, they can have an impact by working with CommissionCrowd's listed companies. One such listed company is called Get Animated. Get Animated offer animated marketing services to companies in any industry and are looking for independent media sales reps to extend their reach into new industries. If that doesn't excite you then how does 15% commission on services with an average sales value of £2500 sound? The opportunities are there waiting for you.

As an independent media sales agent, you can help animation centric companies like boost their business through CommissionCrowd’s platform that is designed to unite the fragmented sales industry and help the industry evolve.