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Five Challenges All Self-Employed Sales Reps Face

Alexander HowardAlexander Howard

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There's plenty of incentive to work as an independent sales agent. It's a much more personalized experience, allowing you to set your own hours, zero in on your target markets, and search through a wealth of opportunities. Unlike careers with set salaries, there's no ceiling for how well you can do in a particular month. This provides a unique opportunity for companies and self-employed sales agents to benefit off one another. Just check out this article we wrote on LinkedIn about how to better take advantage of those working relations.

But it's no question there are difficulties when it comes to working as a 1099. Many would-be agents become disheartened when attempting to establish themselves as trustworthy, desirable clients. We've come up with a list of five challenges a self-employed sales rep is likely to face when entering the market, as well as a few tips and strategies to make that transition easier.

1) Building a Network

It's never a guarantee that you'll have prospects waiting for you. One of a 1099’s greatest assets is his diverse portfolio. Independent agents have the opportunity to work with multiple organizations in multiple markets, building portfolios that complement the needs of a whole range of potential clients. And it's that ability to cross-sell and reach into so many markets that makes an agent desirable to so many companies.

The problem is, most successful self-employed reps buttress their resumes through years of consistent results and experience. So in order to bridge that gap, you'll need to move on to step number two.

2) Developing a Reputation

Starting out in any industry can be daunting. Defining your expertise and reaching an audience interested in listening are two of the most essential steps in getting yourself heard. When companies constructing their platforms across social media they first start by building their voices and reputations. And the same basics apply as an independent sales agent. You'll need to establish a set of goals, listen to your target audiences, and build a platform for yourself before you can effectively engage with the sales community.

3) Dealing with Companies New to Independent Sales

Not all companies are used to dealing with 1099s. They might feel uncomfortable, at least initially, handing over part of the control of the sales process. Often, independent agents can find themselves inundated with reports and paperwork that hamper their productivity. And worse yet, the company might not understand the value of an agent’s relationships with his customers. That's why some 1099s have actually felt pressured to hamper their own success, lest their partners reconsider their agreements.

4) Making Yourself Irreplaceable

Companies have a lot of reasons to love working with independent agents. It encourages a high level of competition while making it much easier to replace those who do not perform to expectations. That's why it's so essential for agents to prove themselves powerfully and consistently.

One of the best things about working as a 1099 is that you'll always know exactly how well you're performing. Your sales are your merit, not to mention the window that future partners will use to judge your worth as an agent.

5) Finding Trustworthy Companies

Defining yourself as a trustworthy agent is only half the battle. The other half is finding reputable companies to sell on behalf of. You can be a silver-tongued rock star in the commission world, and it wouldn't mean anything if you didn't get paid. The sad truth is that many freelance agents get shorted out of their agreed commissions, or otherwise don't get the full recognition that they deserve.

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