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How To Generate Over $6M In Warm Inbound Leads For Your Business For Free

Ryan MattockRyan Mattock

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Every business needs a way to generate warm inbound leads. Here's the strategy we use to consistently generate over $6M in warm inbound leads for our company with less work and ZERO Advertising/Marketing spend...

But first you should know that over the past year I've been working on a new way to consistently generate qualified in-bound leads for our company with ZERO Advertising or Marketing spend.

I've now perfected the strategy and over the past 12 months we've enjoyed a consistent stream of qualified inbound leads (now worth in excess of $6M) without having to spend a single penny on paid Advertising or Marketing. It's EASY when you know how!

Many of our customers asked me to share the method I use so I decided to put together a short course showing you how to easily replicate this strategy and start enjoying the benefits of being able to take the lion's share of inbound leads for your industry.

Here it is and I know you'll find it as valuable as it's been for us -->
Inbound Lead Generation: The Six Million Dollar Strategy

What You'll Learn:

How We Generate A Consistent Stream Of Over $6M Worth Of Qualified Inbound Leads With Zero Advertising/Marketing Spend

Below is my 45 minute inbound lead generation webinar... I know, I know... you're busy! But if you'd prefer to watch an actual video showing how we were able to achieve this using a method called Influencer Marketing, then I recommend giving it a watch.

I give real world examples of this incredible strategy in action and how you can achieve the same for your business.

If you would prefer to get right into generating an abundance of inbound leads for your business then you can check out the full course teaching you how to easily replicate the method here: Inbound Lead Generation: The $6M Dollar Strategy

Inbound lead generation is vital If you want to grow your business... but it's easier said than done. Traditionally, inbound lead generation is hard, time consuming and expensive... not anymore!

Simply put, if you're looking for the easiest and quickest way to get a consistent stream of inbound, qualified leads to your company website without having to spend any money on paid advertising or promotion, cold calling, cold emailing and using less resources than you currently do, this is the course for you.

Hi i'm Ryan, award winning entrepreneur and co-founder of one of the fastest growing startups of the last two years. I've been featured in Forbes, The Huffington Post, Financial Times (offline edition) and my company recently won the top prize for 'Overall Innovation For Sales' at Europe's largest Sales Expo... without the inbound lead generation strategy i'm about to share with you, NONE of this would have been possible...

What would you do with 100-200X the number of qualified inbound leads for your business every month... WITHOUT HAVING TO SPEND A SINGLE CENT on paid Advertising or Marketing or EVER having to make a single cold call? Would it be a game changer for your business?

Even better... what if you knew how to take the lion's share of leads BEFORE your competitors even knew what hit them?

This method of Influencer Marketing allowed us to dominate our industry online... and the good news... it works for ANY industry!

Influencer Marketing is one of the MOST effective yet misunderstood ways to drive high volumes of inbound warm leads to your company blog/website. I'll teach you how...

I'm About To Teach You The Very Same Lead Generation Method That Grew Our Business 10X in less than 12 Months:

Over the past 12 months our own Influencer Marketing strategy has enabled us to grow our business with a consistent pipeline of $6M+ warm inbound leads with less work and ZERO Ad/Marketing spend. I've now decided to share my strategy with the wider business community in the shape of a Udemy course... How exciting!

Entering into a hugely competitive industry where our competitors had been established far longer than us, had impressive advertising and Marketing budgets and far greater resources at their disposal, meant we were forced to think outside of the box and develop a strategy for our own business that would not only let us compete on a level playing field, but completely dominate our competitors online... fast! It was sink or swim as they say.

If we were going to compete and stand a chance in one of the most competitive industries imaginable, we had to get creative using the limited resources we had at our disposal. We couldn't spare the time it takes to cold call or spend all day social networking so we got to work on a new kind of Marketing strategy that would eliminate all of these problems and help us rise to the top.

What Is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer Marketing is one of the most powerful ways of consistently driving targeted leads to your company website or blog using influential leaders within your industry. Imagine being able to think of an article you want written about and published on your blog and an army of influential people drop what they are doing to contribute then share it from your website's blog across all of their social networks. You have instant access to highly targeted audiences even before Google gets the chance to rank your content. The volume of qualified inbound leads this method generates are insane!

It used to be hard, but not anymore. Our tried and and tested strategy makes the concept of influencer Marketing easy, using less resources than you currently do and never having to spend a single Dime on paid advertising or promotion and what's even better... you never need to know these people beforehand or spend time trying to get to know them on Social Media... Our method gets them to come to you!

You'll Learn How To:

Who is this course for?

This course has been designed specifically for Startups, SME's, Marketing Executives, Business/Marketing Consultants and Internet Marketing companies looking to take their own, or their client's companies to the next level.

Simply put, if you or your clients have an online presence and want to DOMINATE your competitors quickly with LESS work and WITHOUT spending a single Cent on paid Marketing or Advertising, this course is for you.

Learn more about easy inbound business lead generation: Influencer Marketing Secrets - The Lead Generation Machine