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Jyssica Schwartz: How Sales Made Me a Better Copywriter

Alexander HowardAlexander Howard

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Your image is everything when you're starting a business. You can't hope to sell a product without first finding an audience. And more important than getting yourself known, you'll need to rouse people to take action.

There's a reason that copywriting has been referred to as the only essential skill you need to be successful online. Developing brand familiarity, conveying a positive message, and asserting expertise all make customers come back for more. It tells them that your company only produces consistent, meaningful content, whether that be an advertisement, press release, or run-of-the-mill blog post. And an effective copywriter like our guest expert Jyssica Schwartz ensures that every message your company sends is maximized to its greatest potential.

Jyssica Schwartz Freelance sales content writer

Jyssica has been in the business industry for nearly ten years. She's been published in places like The Huffington Post, Lifehack, and LinkedIn Publisher. But her very first sales job came right out of college, selling study materials for a small publishing company. She said that, more than anything, she learned that a company couldn’t exist without an effective sales team. The problem was that not everyone saw it that way. In Jyssica’s experience, sales representatives were all too frequently blamed for down cycles while being undervalued for the sheer amount of revenue they brought to a company.

Looking to further her career in sales, Jyssica moved to New York City, where she eventually transitioned into staffing and recruitment. It was during that time that she honed her skills as a persuasive and compelling copywriter, publishing articles that were well-suited for marketing without blatantly selling a product. She said that she learned to look at things from both a client's and customer's point of view, which gave her the perspective to write for both. Using these skills, she began to write more and more from a freelance position. Just in the past year, she was able to start her own small business: a feat she attributes to hard work, a little luck, and her experiences in the sales world.

In B2B sales, independent agents learn how to close deals, develop expertise, and reach out to a market. Jyssica stressed how important these same skills are when attracting new business. Copywriting, after all, isn't just about drawing people's attention. It's about rousing them into action, encouraging them to discover more about your product, and ultimately make a purchase. A product should be able to speak for itself. But a good copywriter knows how to get people to listen.