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Opportunities In The Aviation & Aerospace Industry for Companies and Independent Sales Agents

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Free commissioncrowd account for freelance sales jobs in aerospace aviation

To help us fill the Aviation and Aerospace category we are offering two companies a completely free annual account in this industry.

We currently have 58 highly experienced sales agents who are looking for opportunities in the Aviation and Aerospace industries. Our database is growing quickly and we require companies to fill this category.

As always, CommissionCrowd is 100% FREE for self-employed sales agents who can register for free here

Aviation and Aerospace companies must meet the following criteria to be eligible for one of these free accounts:

To Apply: Please send an email to Ryan@commissioncrowd.com with a covering letter to support your application for a free account with us. You must agree to our general terms of use

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CommissionCrowd's independent Sales Rep membership has been rapidly increasing and we've even just won the award for 'Overall Innovation For Sales' at the Sales Innovation Expo in London - Europe's largest sales expo!

We are now opening up the Aviation & Aerospace industry category for both independent, freelance sales agents and companies looking to form global working relationships.

Independent Aerospace and Aviation sales agents can join CommissionCrowd 100% free here

Aerospace and Aviation companies can join CommissionCrowd here

Benefits Of Working With Independent Sales Agents In The Aerospace and Aviation Industries:

With many challenges currently facing the aviation and aerospace industries, we know there are companies out there who have solutions but may not have the access or exposure to the resources they need to grow their presence in the industry. That is where CommissionCrowd's Commission-Only Sales Agents come in.

Self-employed sales agents can help your company open doors to new business by introducing you to their valuable existing networks of contacts that in some cases, have been built over many years working in this space.

What type of companies can benefit from building an external sales force?

Current Challenges Facing The Aviation & Aerospace Industry

Last year, PricewaterhouseCoopers reported that there were areas of concern for the aviation & aerospace industry. Here are the most pressing concerns:

Customer Experience - PwC stated that airline customers have become so accustomed to new experiences and improvements on all products they buy that they are now anticipating better experiences on airlines. This is problematic for airlines because of the costs involved in upgrading, what they call, the "hard product" (the planes). Also, there are problems implementing new customer experiences through the "soft product" ( reservation to touchdown) despite the lower cost. The lack of innovation or even mere improvement in this area makes for major customer disaffection towards airlines.

Costs - Jet fuel is a massive outtake from the budget of all airlines, even those with the strictest costs, taking up to 55% of an airline's budget. Evidently, the answer to this is renewable/environmentally sound energy/fuels. The rising cost of oil is putting a strain on airlines and the clamber to find alternative fuels has already begun.

With the pace of the technological advancements we would like to believe that there are many companies out there with the right product or service who lack the presence to reach their audiences. That's why CommissionCrowd was created - to help both principals and commission-only sales agents form mutually beneficial partnerships whilst educating them each step of the way.

What do independent Aerospace and Aviation sales agents expect from a sales opportunity?

It is vitally important that companies understand how to work with independent sales reps effectively and we have numerous educational articles on the CommissionCrowd blog that cover topics including:

How To Work Effectively With Self Employed Sales Agents


10 Things To Understand When Working With Independent Sales Reps

We encourage you to have a read, it will help you should you decide to join our movement to unite the highly fragmented freelance sales industry.

I'm A Self-Employed Sales Representative In the Aerospace/Aviation Industry... What Now?

CommissionCrowd is 100% free for self-employed sales reps and we'll never take a penny from your commissions. Infact, CommissionCrowd has been specifically designed to make working independently much easier and more lucrative for sales agents.

Sales agents can join free here

Most of your frequently asked questions will be covered in here FAQ'S

I'm A Company In the Aerospace/Aviation Industry... What Now?

Companies wishing to work with independent sales agents should head over to CommissionCrowd For Companies and start the application process using the 'Let's get started' buttons on that page.

We will then review your opportunity for sales agents within 48 hours and will provide comprehensive feedback that will improve your offering ahead of being approved for an active account with us.

We also offer lots of information for companies on how to work with independent sales agents, which you can read on our blog

"We Don't Work In The Aviation Industry - can we still get involved?"

Of course you can. We hold listings of opportunities for companies from over 100 industries so there is certainly a place for companies who aren't operating in or intending to sell products or services to the aviation & airspace industry. Simply head here to learn more about CommissionCrowd for companies

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