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Sales Innovation Expo Winner 2016 - 'CommissionCrowd' - Overall Innovation For Sales

Alexander HowardAlexander Howard

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The expectations have already been set extremely high by overall show winners; CommissionCrowd... Judged by an expert panel from companies such as Smart Insights, Coca-Cola, KPMG and Sage, the competition was fierce.

The Awards mean that the innovation and cutting edge design of our winner's products and services (as well as their hard-work!) is recognised by their potential clients, their peers, and experts within their field" - Sales Innovation Expo (The largest sales expo in Europe)


When CommissionCrowd was invited to the 2016 Sales Innovation Expo, the team saw a golden opportunity to raise their brand's awareness. The biggest of its kind in Europe, the Sales Innovation Expo attracts over 25,000 people in the span of just two days. And amongst attendees were many of the world's top sales influencers and industry leaders, not to mention hundreds of other companies looking to make their mark.

Big names like Colleen Francis and Jonathan Farrington held headline speeches, while a panel of five guest judges handed out the convention's main awards. Only one company could walk away with the prestigious "Overall Innovation For Sales" award, and despite some very vigorous competition, CommissionCrowd came out on top.


But CommissionCrowd's story didn't begin there. Founders Ryan Mattock, Laura McGregor, and Alistair Robinson had originally been the heads of the UK branch of a very successful US-based Inc.500 marketing company.

It would have been easy and profitable enough for them to stay where they were. But the three founders came up with a mission after experiencing the difficulties attributed to finding and managing partnerships with independent sales teams. They decided to commit themselves to building a better solution and drive the highly fragmented and largely neglected independent sales industry forward. You can read more of their story here.

Laura, Ryan, and Alistair began developing a platform for fixing all the pain points that companies and self-employed sales agents currently experienced. They founded their company with the goal of saving companies and freelance sales agents as much time, money, and resources as possible. Over the next two years, they worked tirelessly with experienced B2B agents and sales leaders to develop and create a platform designed exclusively for the very best B2B commission-based sales opportunities.

Fast forward to 2017, and CommissionCrowd is making gigantic waves in the sales industry. Currently over 600 companies use the service to look for the best independent sales talent in the business. And with 3070 sales agents in over 199 countries, and feature articles in publications like Forbes and The Huffington Post, it's set to change the way that we look at the commission-only sales industry forever.

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