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Sell Attractive Marketing Packages For Any Company, Any Size: 20% Commission On All Sales

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Every business, from the smallest startup to the largest corporation, benefits from good marketing. Boost My Business helps them achieve just that, increasing traffic and ultimately sales with their team of expert marketers.

Independent sales agents interested in working with Boost My Business can connect with them here: Apply to work with Boost My Business.

1. Where did the inspiration for Boost My Business come from?

We are a team of web designers, SEO experts, designers, and award-winning marketers. After boosting many of our own businesses’ online profiles, we decided to use our combined expertise to help companies recognize the huge sales returns online marketing can bring.

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2. Tell us a little about your expertise in marketing.

There are many services out there that help businesses rank higher on Google searches. Our company excels because we work on the world's largest content management system, making it easy for clients to maintain themselves, but also to start over again should they decide to add extra features. Our websites are coded (we don’t use templates) so that each site we create is unique. Our layouts are tailored to our customers' design and functionality needs.

Our sites respond well to SEO ranking on Google. We also know the "real" success routes for reaching the right marketing people, beating online algorithms, and coming up with the most cost-effective ways for producing consistent results. We focus on sales conversions on-line, meaning we never charge clients for advertising their websites unless we believe they are ready to make sales conversions. We check the speeds of their sites, landing pages, and sales funnels to ensure that new visitors will take action if they land on their site.

3. Can you tell us about some of your past work?

We have marketed many companies both worldwide and locally. Many of our smaller businesses prefer local SEO and social media work for their low cost, while our larger clients have seen fast growth and conversions rates from visitors to sales on a global level.

4. What's your greatest client success story?

Trans World Soccer received huge benefits from our SEO services, ranking number one on Google for keyword searches.Thanks in part to our help, they were eventually sponsored by Puma.

5. What made you consider working with independent sales agents?

We feel that every company, large or small, has a need for our services. It doesn’t matter if a company is just starting out or has been established for many years. Our service tends to be an easy sell because of the many services we offer to potential customers before they even spend a penny. Also, we don't tie our customers into contracts: our model is strictly pay-as-you-go. Instead, our customers choose to stay with us because of the profits we bring to their companies.

6. Why would sales agents have an edge selling your products?

We provide the links and marketing material it takes to make an easy sale. Agents can simply ask potential customers if they’re interested in a free online check with our company before recommending us any further. They don't need to sell one particular service. Once we begin speaking to a client, we can assess which services would best suit their needs.

7. What sets your service apart from the competition?

Our large network of experts makes us a one-stop shop for all the online marketing help and personal attention a client can ask for.

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8. What are your plans for the future of Boost My Business?

We are constantly looking to grow our network of talented online marketers and eventually cover every corner of online marketing.

9. What are your best-selling services and why?

Our websites and website optimization products are currently our number one sellers. We win all of our business by word of mouth and repeat customers who want to develop their websites further as their business grows. Our SEO services have also become very popular.

10. Have you received any recognition or awards?

While Boost My Business has not directly received any honors, our marketers have won a number of prestigious awards.

Independent sales agents interested in working with Boost My Business can connect with them here: Apply to work with Boost My Business.