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Sell Female Business Travel Safety Training at a 25% Commission!

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Maiden Voyage's founder, Carolyn Pearson, saw how isolating and potentially dangerous it was for women to venture to different parts of the world. That's why she set out to create a company dedicated to female business travel solutions. With clients in over 100 countries, Maiden Voyage offers female travel safety training second to none!

Independent sales agents interested in working with Maiden Voyage can connect with them here: Apply to work with Maiden Voyage.

1. Where did the inspiration for Maiden Voyage come from?

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La-la land! I was stuck in a hotel by myself on a Saturday night, itching to get out and see the city but not comfortable enough doing that alone. My colleagues arrived that Monday and we went for dinner at the stunning Skybar at the Mondrian. After a couple of drinks, I came up with the crazy idea for a social network for female business travelers. As they say, the rest is history!

2. Why do you believe leisure and travel are such great industries to be in right now?

Travel is my reason for being. They say it’s the only thing that you can spend your money on that makes you richer, and I wholeheartedly agree. To experience the vibrancy of a new city, connect with the nature in a different country, taste the exotic food, and meet local people are all blessings and gifts. I often have to pinch myself, knowing that traveling is my ‘job’ and that I’m making it easier for women to connect with their environments while also keeping safe.

3. What made you consider working with independent sales agents?

Like most entrepreneurs, I started off doing everything myself. I didn’t go into business because I loved selling. In fact, I was rather naïve about the importance of selling full-stop. Independent sales agents are experts at what they do. And I love them because they provide a relatively risk-free marketing channel that we can grow our businesses through.

4. What sets you apart from the competition?

We don’t have any direct competition, but sales agents will nevertheless recognize the lengths we go to ensure the highest quality in everything we do. Every product or service we develop is tested on the most critical of audiences. Whether they be law enforcement, security, or humanitarians, we have an enviable team of top-class advisors. Sales agents who work with us can be proud of the products they’re selling.

5. What's your greatest success story?

Three years ago I made a pitch to a global bank. A member of their security team later joined one of Silicon Valley’s biggest tech companies. After watching the progress of Maiden Voyage, that person got back in touch and became our client. For me, that spoke to our commitment to getting bigger and better, building relationships, and remaining gracious.

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6. What do you believe is the future of the leisure and travel industry?

We are entering an age of ‘consciousness’ where people are more prone to invest in experiences rather than material trappings. Technology has made this easier to achieve, and with more players joining the industry, the world is getting smaller by the day. Our market only has room to grow.

7. Why would independents sales reps have an edge selling your service?

We feel good about what we do, and so will our agents. If you believe in the ethics, intention, value, and quality of a product, then you can hardly consider it selling. Our sales reps help organizations keep their most valued assets safe: their people.

8. Have you received any recognition or awards?

We’ve won the Business Travel Show Innovation Awards, Virtual Business Awards, Entrepreneurial Spark’s Entrepreneur of the Moment, Forward Ladies Digital Business Award, and were finalists for the Business Traveller Awards, just to name a few. We’ve had some fantastic press, including CNN, SkyTV, BBC, The Guardian, and Cosmopolitan. We’re regularly featured in the business travel trade press as well.

Independent sales agents interested in working with Maiden Voyage can connect with them here: Apply to work with Maiden Voyage.