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Sell Design and Manufacturing Labels for All Piping in the Construction Industry at a 30% Commission!

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Reidterra's services save oil and gas companies thousands of dollars both in the event of emergencies and during day-to-day operations. But that's not their entire story. Behind every one of their products is a commitment to the environment and the aim to make the construction industry a little greener.

Independent sales agents interested in working with Reidterra can connect with them here: Apply to work with Reidterra.

1. Where did the inspiration for Reidterra come from?

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The inspiration for Reidterra was born from my love for nature. When I was a child my family spent a lot of time outside enjoying the outdoors. Growing up, I always wanted to do my part to protect the environment from things like contamination. It's with that spirit that we at Reidterra commit ourselves to preserving nature for future generations. Our services reflect our core beliefs, and each product we sell helps protect the world around us.

2. Why do you believe construction is such a great field to be in right now?

The construction industry is constantly expanding and introducing new technologies that help protect the environment, workers, and their assets. I also truly believe there is a positive atmosphere within our industry that promotes endless opportunities.

3. What made you consider working with independent sales agents?

Independent sales agents with the right contacts have a great chance at selling major volume to repeat customers. This was an incredibly important factor when I was considering my sales methodology. I needed agents who believed in my product and could sell with no strings attached.

4. What sets you apart from the competition?

Our great customer support! We provide our clients unlimited access to ensure that they always have the best below and aboveground asset labeling solutions. Our products simplify day-to-day operations, saving companies time and money the more they use them.

5. What's your greatest success story?

Our company’s greatest success came after labeling the majority of the Manitoba Oil Field for a private oil and gas company. That company made our products standard on their bill of materials and as a result experienced a major decrease in operational issues. To this day it’s been especially helpful with the new staff they bring on board.

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6. What do you believe is the future of construction?

The future of construction continues to be very exciting. I believe the biggest changes will likely be regarding efficiency and communication.

7. Why would independents sales reps have an edge selling your service?

There’s no other company on the market that sells products like ours. Reidterra has developed and holds the leading edge in pipeline and process labeling! Our country-specific patents continue to help us secure our sales. I’m always personally available to offer independent sales agents second-to-none support for whatever they need.

8. Have you received any recognition or awards?

We’ve received a mountain of positive feedback from facilities engineers, project engineers/managers, and operators! You can check out our testimonials page to see exactly what people are saying!

Independent sales agents interested in working with Reidterra can connect with them here: Apply to work with Reidterra.