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SEO Marketing Opportunity: 20% Commission Totalling Over £1k In Recurring Monthly Payments

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The experts at AV Solutions Central know how to bring companies into the spotlight. Staying one step ahead of their competition, they use advanced SEO techniques to make sure their clients get the visibility they need to be successful. After a recent expansion into the UK, they need a few good sales agents to help spread their already wildly popular service.

Independent sales agents interested in working with AV Solutions Central can connect with them here: Apply to work with AV Solutions Central.

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1. Where did the inspiration for AV Solutions Central come from?

Several years ago I became fascinated with search engines, and Google in particular, and decided to rank websites in my spare time. Over time, as I got more and more websites to page one of Google, more and more local businesses in London started approaching me. I decided to create my own digital marketing agency, and it’s done exceptionally well since day one.

2. Tell us a little about your expertise in the digital marketing industry.

I have ranked over 100 websites on page one of Google for profitable keywords and have over 30 LinkedIn testimonials from business owners, CEOs, and even competitors who sought out my help. I'm also an official Google partner with numerous other certifications. I manage a five-person team of employees who are highly-skilled in digital marketing and SEO. They are constantly researching the most effective methods to keep us one step ahead of the competition.

3. Can you tell us about some of your past work?

I have worked with lawyers, surgeons, dentists, financial institutions, models, celebrities, and businesses in many other niches who want to be found on page one of Google for profitable keywords. Each niche is different, and so it’s exciting to work on various projects to help businesses become more visible. I originally worked exclusively in London but now I have expanded to other parts of the UK.

4. What’s your greatest client success story?

I helped an established Fortune 500 company promote their new product online and managed to rank it several profitable keywords on page one of Google, generating over a million pounds. My client was quite happy and referred quite a few businesses to me in appreciation.

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5. What made you consider working with independent sales agents?

I have always had tremendous respect for sales agents, as without a good sales team it’s virtually impossible to promote and make money off a product. Therefore, I’ve made it a very high priority to find and work with independent sales agents who can promote my services. I joined CommissionCrowd for exactly this reason and I’m glad I did.

6. Why would sales agents have an edge selling your products?

I truly believe that our service is the best you will find and that this is reflected in both what we charge clients (£5k+VAT per month, with 20% going to sales agents) and the testimonials we have received. I also ensured that my sales agents earned great commissions because I believe in rewarding everyone who does a great job while working for me. Because of this, all my staff members are paid more than any other company they have ever worked for. I feel that my staff are my most important assets. Without sales agents and my other staff, there wouldn’t be a product to begin with.

7. What sets your service apart from the competition?

Our service is premier and that's reflected in our great results and LinkedIn testimonials. My competitors come to me for help, so I don’t really see them as competition. My team and I have ranked for very competitive keywords and have always delivered results. We also have a discovery form we make each potential client needs to fill out to ensure we only work with credible and ethical businesses.

8. What are your plans for the future of AV Solutions Central?

Just recently we announced our official expansion to several major cities across the UK. We’ve done so well in London that we want to help businesses around the UK as well. As a result of this expansion, I’m also in the process of adding members to my team to cope with the extra influx.

9. What are your best-selling services and why?

We focus solely on SEO (search engine optimization), as we feel it’s better to become great at one thing than be jacks of all trade. SEO is a full-time job as it’s constantly changing with algorithm updates. Without it there would be no ranking which would mean no traffic and therefore no sales. That’s why it’s such an important part of business advertising.

10. Have you received any recognition or awards?

AV Solutions Central has been featured in all major news outlets around the nation, including the BBC, Financial Times, and The Guardian. We’ve also been listed on inc.com. I’ve been awarded several certificates for expertise in all of the major accreditations associated with being a Google Partner. All our certificates can be seen on our company website.

11. Please describe your typical sales cycle and process.

I’ve designed our sales process to be very simple and effective for sales agents. All an agent needs to do is speak to his existing contacts with high advertising budgets (i.e. those who can afford to invest £5k+VAT per month for nine months) and then refer them to the discovery form on our website. And that’s it - we do the rest. As soon as the discovery form is filled out, we then record a short five to eight-minute video that analyzes the client’s website and hold a follow-up call. This is a dream for sales agents, as essentially they only need to do half of the work and the close is handled by us. My sales process is very effective and proven to have great results.

12. How do you currently bring in new business and win contracts?

We gain new business both through existing client referrals and online searches, as our agency has a lot of online visibility.

Independent sales agents interested in working with AV Solutions Central can connect with them here: Apply to work with AV Solutions Central.